What is GraphMasters

GraphMasters is an open workshop organized to foster collaboration between researchers interested in graph algorithms and problems. The spirit of the workshop is informal: we will provide working space for participants, who are welcome to group as they like and seek each other’s counsel and opinion.

Participants are encouraged to bring interesting problems to share with others. We welcome all graph-related problems, including those not directly involving graphs but that you suspect may be modeled as such.

We typically gather some problems beforehand to startup the discussion, if you want to suggest some (we warmly invite you to do so) email the local organizers or conte [at] di.unipi.it

Organize GraphMasters

If you’d like a GraphMasters workshop to be organized as a standalone workshop or co-hosted with another event/conference email Alessio Conte at conte [at] di.unipi.it.

The spirit of the workshop is informal, and the only requirement is to provide working space for participants to present and work on open problems.
Providing coffee breaks and lunch can help the participants socialize but is not required.

GraphMasters 2019

GraphMasters 2019 was the first edition of GraphMasters.
It was held at the Computer Science department of University of Pisa on July 22nd, 2019, the day before IWOCA 2019 was hosted in the same location.

The 2019 edition of StringMasters for algorithms and problems concerning strings was co-hosted with GraphMasters 2019. The workshop will be held on July 22nd, 2019 at the Computer Science Department of University of Pisa ( Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3, Pisa, Italy , Building C, 2nd floor)

There is no registration fee for the event, but for organization reasons you should email conte@di.unipi.it (or the StringMaster 2019 organizers) to show your interest before June 22nd (A month before the workshop). In alternative, attendants of IWOCA 2019 will get a chance to show their interest in the registration form.

See this page for more details on reaching the venue and finding food in Pisa.


In no specific order

Alessio Conte (organizer, chair) University of Pisa
Kunihiro Wasa (panel chair) National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Andrea Marino University of Firenze
Roberto Grossi University of Pisa
Giulia Punzi University of Pisa
Gabriele Fici University of Palermo
Kazuhiro Kurita Hokkaido University
Giordano Da Lozzo Roma TRE University
Yeganeh Bahoo Torudi University of Manitoba, Canada
Sandip Benerjee Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Sujoy Bhore Technische University of Wien, Austria
Arindam Biswas The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai, India
Gennaro Cordasco Universita’ della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Italy
Lucia Draque Penso Ulm University, Germany
Zola Donovan AFRL, USA
Dalibor Froncek University of Minnesota Duluth, USA
Harmender Gahlawat Indian Statistical Istitute, Kolkata, India
Rahul Raj Gupta IIT Guwahati, India
Costas Iliopoulos King’s College London, UK
Sushanta Karkamar IIT Guwahati, India
Tomohiro Koana TU Berlin, Germany
David Kubel University of Bonn, Germany
Kostantinos Mampentzidis Aarhus University, Denmark
Christodoulos Mitillos Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Arti Pandey IIT Ropar, India
I Vinod Kumar Reddy IIT Bhilai, India
Charles Colbourn Arizona State University, USA
Violet Syrotiuk Arizona State University, USA
Hiroki Arimura Hokkaido University

Related Events

IWOCA 2019, the 30th International Workshop on Combinatorial algorithms, will be held in the same venue on July 23-25, 2019. See the website for the call for papers (abstract registration: February 20, submission deadline: February 25).

StringMaster 2019 is this year’s installment of the StringMasters workshop on string related problems. It will be held on the same day and location as GraphMasters. People interested in both workshops can freely move between them.

Upcoming events